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Amylodig Effervescent Tablets

Amylodig Effervescent Tablets

Aid in carbohydrate and protein digestion.



AMYLODIG Effervescent Tablets

Aging support: AMYLODIG Effervescent Tablets may help to maintain normal amylase production, which often declines with age. Digestive health support: AMYLODIG Effervescent Tablets can reduce the work that the small intestines must perform by beginning the digestive process in the mouth. This benefit helps to maintain normal digestive function.

Immune system support: AMYLODIG Effervescent Tablets may support healthy immune responses.

Healthy inflammation management: AMYLODIG Effervescent Tablets may help to support healthy inflammation management.

This benefit is most helpful for managing swelling of the joints.

Formula Benefits:
– Amylase, any member of a category of enzymes that catalyse
the chemical reaction (splitting of a compound by addition of a
water molecule) of starch into smaller saccharide molecules like
maltose (a molecule composed of two glucose molecules).

Serving size: 1 tablet

Amount per serving:

Alpha Amylase: 25000 Unit
Calcium: 13.33 mg